Must-see places: Sa Dragonera island in Mallorca

Visiting ‘dragon’ island Sa Dragonera, Mallorca: all you need to know!

One of the most exciting adventures you can have in Mallorca is visiting Sa Dragonera – an uninhabited island near the shores of Mallorca. How many times in life do you get a chance to visit an uninhabited island? Exactly! You have to take chances in life when they are possible, so read below everything about the adventure!

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How to get to Sa Dragonera?

Sa Dragonera island

1. Sa Dragonera island is located to the West of Mallorca and you can get there by ferry that leaves from Sant Elm town. You can park your car in this parking in Sant Elm: OPEN MAP! From there it is a 5-minute walk to the ferry.

2. The most popular ferry going to Sa Dragonera and back is Cruceros Margarita (, which operates from February to October. The exact timetable is on their website – just scroll down their web page. The timetable varies from season to season!

3. The ferry drive to Sa Dragonera is about 20 minutes long. Ferry leaves from this spot in Sant Elm port: OPEN MAP!

4. The drive to Sa Dragonera and back costs 15 EUR per person. Beware that you can only pay in cash and there are no ATMs in Sant Elm town.

5. The drivers at the ferry will ask you what time you want to come back. I would suggest you take your time to explore the island so that you don’t have to rush.

Nothing will happen if you are late – you will just have to take the next ferry, but be sure to not be late on the last one!

Sa Dragonera island

Sa Dragonera island: what to expect?

1. When you arrive at Sa Dragonera, there will be a guide waiting for you. He will show you the map of the island and explain the options.

There are 3 routes possible – the shortest one to the Northeast end of the island is 1.7 kilometers one way, the route to the Southwest end of the island is 4.3 kilometers one way, but the hardest route to the top of the hill is 4.2 kilometers and about 350 vertical meters away! Quite a hike!

2. There are no shops or restaurants on the island, but there are toilets and sinks with running water near the port of Sa Dragonera. They are free of charge.

3. Expect to be greeted by thousands of lizards! No, they do not attack, but they might be very interested if you sit down for a picnic and have some snacks! They run around a lot and it is impossible to not see them! I hope you don’t mind lizards!

4. Hiking around and taking pictures is the only thing you can do on the island, and it will get hot on a sunny day because there is practically no shade when walking!

5. This is a great place for having a picnic – either it is on the top of the hill in the middle of the island or at the end of the island, the views are amazing and it is a great opportunity to have a picnic there!

6. Right where the ferry docks and picks you up, there is a lovely area for some swimming if you are up for it! The water is amazingly clear and could be a great escape from the heat! The rest of the island is not too friendly for swimming activities because of the high cliffs.

Sa Dragonera island

What should I bring to the island?

1. Definitely wear sunscreen and have some with you! A hat and sunglasses would also be great because there is almost no shade when hiking around the island!

2. Plenty of drinks and some energizing snacks! The hike can be demanding especially if you choose to hike up the hill! The views are incredible from there, but the hike up there is quite demanding and you might be thirsty and hungry!

3. Please wear the comfiest shoes! Especially because your feet could get a bit swollen from the heat and active hiking! Also – the paths are not always easy to walk especially the route up the hill!

Happy exploring!

If you are a traveler and like to treat yourself to some adventures from time to time, Sa Dragonera is a way to go! No crowds, no queues, no busy streets – just nature, some lizards, and amazing views all to yourself! Okay, some people might be there as well, but the island is big enough for a group of hikers!


Visiting Sa Dragonera island all you need to know!
Visiting Sa Dragonera island all you need to know!

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