Platform overlooking Cala Pi beach

11 most famous Instagram spots in Mallorca, Spain

Any time you go on a vacation, you probably buy some souvenirs and take some photos of the place you have visited. Otherwise, you were not there, right? Pics or it didn’t happen!

But you can also post nice photos on your Instagram as an inspiration for your friends to travel and visit some places you have been to!

Good things are meant for sharing with others, so here are some of the best Instagram photo places in Mallorca to get the best and unique shots from your vacation and give the best inspiration to your friends and followers!

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1. The beautiful Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca

Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca

This beautiful and huge building is such a landmark of Palma de Mallorca city! It draws everybody’s attention and is, probably, the most famous building on the island and one of the most photographed places.

You should definitely get a good photo of this place. The secret to a great photo is to back away from the gothic-style cathedral. There is a beautiful park next to it with water and greenery, which is a perfect place to catch a photo without anybody walking in your background!

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2. Narrow rock opening on Sa Calobra road

Sa Calobra road in Mallorca

Narrow roads are a characteristic of Mallorca. But this special spot is something extra! It is located on a world-famous road leading down from the mountains to Sa Calobra village.

Right before this narrow rock opening is a place next to the road to park your car. Be careful, when taking a photo – you are on the road!

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3. Es Pontàs natural arch

Es Pontàs natural arch in Mallorca

I mean there is always something special about natural arches in the water! You start to wonder, how old it is, how it formed, and how many years it took to make this exact formation…and then you realize, that you are right here, in this moment of time experiencing this view!

This arch is very easy to reach – from the nearest place where you can park the car, it is about 300 meters on foot with the last ones going through the bushes.

Follow along the cliff to get the best angle of the arch and enjoy! It would also be a good idea to grab some snacks and have a picnic so that you have some time to soak in this beautiful scenery.

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4. Caló des Moro beach – the best beach in Mallorca

Calo des Moro beach in Mallorca

From the nearest parking, it is about 20 minutes on foot to reach this spectacular beach. The last part of the trail goes through dirt paths, so I would recommend having comfortable shoes.

The final stretch is steep climbing, so be careful. This could most likely be the most beautiful beach in Mallorca, thus it is one of the best Instagram photo spots on the island. The shape of the beach, the surroundings, the color of the water… it has it all!

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5. Platform overlooking Cala Pi beach

Platform overlooking Cala Pi beach

This is a very famous Instagram photo spot in Mallorca! There is a steep climb down the cliff to the beach, however the way to the beach at one moment turns right, but the way to the platform is to the left.

Although it is a dirt path off the right track, it is very near and very easily accessible. If you happen to be here during summertime, which is the high season for tourists, try to arrive earlier to avoid crowds!

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6. Mirador Es Colomer – the best viewpoint in Mallorca

Mirador Es Colomer

This place overlooking the Northern part of the island could possibly be the most famous viewpoint in Mallorca! It is a steep drive up the mountains from Port de Pollença city with a parking lot next to the road. This is an amazing spot to visit at any time of the day!

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7. Natural arch at Cala Varques

Natural arch at Cala Varques

This beautiful natural arch near Cala Varques beach is hard to get to, but it is worth it if you have some free time to walk 3 kilometers one way, have a picnic and then walk back the same distance.

Although there is a dirt road that leads a bit closer to the beach, you are not allowed to drive there and all the people walk the distance on foot. The path is not easy, but I loved the adventure!

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8. Sa Calobra Road from above

Sa Calobra road in Mallorca

This road in Mallorca is probably one of the most famous roads in Europe or even in the world! Locals call it ‘the Snake’ and it sure looks like a snake!

The best overview of the valley and the road is Coll dels Reis Peak – there is a bar with many viewpoints around it to many sides of the island. Check out the link below to get the exact location. This is an amazing place for watching the sunset as well!

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9. Entrance of The Artá Caves

Cuevas de Arta in Mallorca

If I had to choose, I would say that Cuevas del Drach or the ‘Dragon Caves’ are the most spectacular caves in Mallorca with an underground lake and a concert, however, the Artá Caves have the most incredible entrance.

This is a jaw-dropping spot for some nice photos. The entrance with the stairs looks like an open mouth of a huge monster. I’m not sure if you have the same imagination as I have, but you have to agree, that it sure looks amazing and you should pay this place a visit!

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10. Sunset at Albercutx Watchtower

Sunset at Albercutx Watchtower

Located just a bit higher up the mountain than the Mirador Es Colomer, this centuries-old watchtower (or the remains of it) is one of the most popular and one of the best places on the island for watching the sunset!

You have a 360-degree view over the island, the Northern peninsula or cape, the Mediterranean Sea, and the beautiful and rocky coastline of Mallorca. It sure does not get much better than this!

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11. On the top of Puig de Massanella – the second-highest peak in Mallorca

Puig de Massanella mountain in Mallorca

I mean if you came to this island to lay at the beach all the time, have you been here at all? Is vacation fully enjoyed without an adventure? The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range located in the Western part of the island is a perfect place for hiking activities.

The mountains here are not too high with the highest peak – Puig Major – reaching 1445 meters above sea level. Unfortunately, there is a military zone on the top of the highest peak, so it leaves the second-highest peak – Puig de Massanella – to give you all the fun! It will definitely take you most of the day, but the views are worth the effort!

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Happy exploring!

Mallorca is such a gem! There are unique places all around the island – formed by nature or manmade – all are beautiful! By the way, if you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


11 most famous Instagram spots in Mallorca
11 most famous Instagram spots in Mallorca

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