Sunset at Albercutx Watchtower

7 best spots for a magical sunset in Mallorca, Spain

I believe that any island is an amazing place to be to watch the sunset (or the sunrise!) because you get to see the sun diving into the sea and coloring not only the clouds or the sky but the water as well!

Mallorca is even more special, because of the rugged coastline on the West part of the island – right where you would watch the sunset! It gives this dramatic and mystical vibe to it. Some of the most magical moments I have experienced here!

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1. Sunset from above: Albercutx Watchtower

Sunset at Albercutx Watchtower

This beautiful spot standing about 380 meters above sea level is many centuries-old watchtower (or the remains of it!), that was used for spotting pirates. Now it serves as one of the best places to watch the sunset on Mallorca island.

The rugged coastline all around the view makes this spot even better. Beware that it might get crowded during tourist season because it is so popular!

Fun fact – when we arrived at the tower, surprisingly we thought that we were late because from that side we could not see the sun anymore, however, when we climbed up to the far side of the tower, this view appeared!

It was magical! You can actually climb up the tower – it is possible, but not for a girl with a short dress in front of a bunch of people, hehe! Also – if you have a drone and want some amazing drone shots, this is the best place to be!

Location: OPEN MAP!

2. Beachside at Sant Elm

Sunset places in Mallorca: Beachside at Sant Elm

Sant Elm town is the perfect place for watching the sunset. It is located on the far West side of the island and has wide access to the sea.

What is even better, there is Sa Dragonera islet next to it. The sunset is even better when there are different shapes involved like rock formations, cliffs, and so on.

Sa Dragonera with its dragon-like shape is a perfect combination with burning sunset into the sea. Take some snacks, find the best spot along the beach, and enjoy!

Location: OPEN MAP! or any other comfortable spot along the beachside!

3. Sunset on the East side: Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador in Mallorca
Sanctuary of Sant Salvador in Mallorca

This is one of the best places to watch the sunset on the East side of the island. We all know that the sun sets on the West, but this rare spot located about 500 meters above sea level (the East side of Mallorca is mostly flat) is the perfect spot to go if you happen to be on the East side of Mallorca and wish to see the sunset.

The road up there is quite crazy, but the views are worth it. You can either drive up to the sanctuary itself or go to a different peak next to it, where there is a huge cross and the same amazing panoramic views.

Location: OPEN MAP!

4. Sunset at the coast: Cap Formentor

Cap Formentor in Mallorca
Cap Formentor in Mallorca

Cap Formentor is a must-see place in Mallorca – the far North peninsula or, actually, a cape is a remote part of the island with crazy mountain roads and amazing coastal views.

We did not get to see the sunset from there, but we could quite clearly imagine that this could be one of the best places of all!

You can either drive till the end, where there is a lighthouse or you can stop at some viewpoints along the road to capture some amazing sunset views with rugged cliffs on the horizon. Any place will do on this rugged end of the land!

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5. Sunset in the mountains: Sa Calobra road at Coll dels Reis

Sunset in Mallorca: Sa Calobra road at Coll dels Reis

This special spot in Mallorca is a must-see. The Sa Calobra road is a world-famous area with the road bending like a snake down the mountain to the Sa Calobra village.

One of the most famous roads in Europe and in the world. However, the best spot to stop is at Coll dels Reis peak – there is a bar up there and many spots for observing the road as well as watching the sun diving into the Mediterranean Sea between some rugged Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

Beware that you will have to get somewhere in the dark and roads are quite tricky in this area, but it is worth it! Well, we managed to see the sunset and then drive further, so you can too!

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6. Mirador Es Colomer

Mirador Es Colomer

This viewpoint is definitely the most famous viewpoint in Mallorca. It is located in the West part of the island near the Albercutx Watchtower.

We did not get to see the sunset in this place, because we were driving uphill to the tower, however, there were lots of happy people watching the sunset from this viewpoint as well. You can get a bit different angle of the coastline and it sure looks more than amazing!

Location: OPEN MAP!

7. Mirador Na Foradada

Sunset in Mallorca: Mirador Na Foradada

This special spot is one of the most famous viewpoints in Mallorca because of this rock formation – you can observe the cape into the sea, which has this strange hole inside it. And imagine also the sun setting in the background, coloring the Mediterranean Sea in warm and bright colors. Amazing, right?

Location: OPEN MAP!

Happy exploring!

What is a vacation, if you don’t stay up late to watch the sunset? It is one of two magical moments during the day. Waking up early for the sunrise is somehow a bit more difficult for most people, but staying up a bit later is an easy thing to do.

Grab some snacks and refreshments and soak it in! Life is good and beautiful in these moments! By the way, if you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


7 magical sunset spots in Mallorca
7 magical sunset spots in Mallorca

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