Bee cave in Fuerteventura - Playa de Garcey

How to find the secret Bee Cave in Fuerteventura?

Bee Cave is probably the most incredible hidden gem in Fuerteventura and one of my favorite discoveries on the island. I love exploring caves, but this secret Bee cave was definitely something I had never seen before.

In this blog post, you will find the exact location on the map of Bee Cave, how to get there, and what to expect. Happy exploring!

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Where is the Bee Cave in Fuerteventura?

Click to open the location on Google Maps: Bee cave in Fuerteventura

The secret Bee cave is a true hidden gem in Fuerteventura. However, it is definitely not the easiest place to access. There are bumpy gravel roads on the way to the beach as well as a decent hike along the coast to the cave.

The Bee cave is located 1 kilometer South of Playa del Garcey beach. It is on the West coast of Fuerteventura near the town of Pájara (the central part of Fuerteventura). It is a 1-hour drive from Puerto del Rosario city and a 1h30min drive from Corralejo town plus a hike along the coast.

How to get to the Bee cave?

Bee cave in Fuerteventura
Inside the Bee cave

Step 1. Drive to Playa del Garcey. You definitely need a car to get to the Bee cave. First, you have to drive to Playa del Garcey. It is a small sand and rock beach on the West coast of Fuerteventura.

You have to know that the last 7 kilometers will be on bumpy gravel roads so it will take more time than you think. However, the road is drivable even for small cars. Just take your time!

Playa del Garcey is famous for the S.S. America shipwreck at its shores. However, it is not really visible anymore as it has already eroded since it was wrecked in 1994.

You should also make sure that you arrive at the correct beach because just a couple of hundred meters before Playa del Garcey is another beach – Playa de Vigocho. Just check the location on the map to make sure you have arrived at Playa del Garcey.

Bee cave in Fuerteventura
Bee cave from the side as you approach it

Step 2. Hike South from Playa del Garcey. When you arrive at Playa del Garcey, it is now time for some coastal hiking. There are no official routes, and no signposts leading to the cave, so basically you have to climb up the coastal cliff and continue going South for 1 kilometer (or a bit more).

You can either walk an easier route by land – just keep a little off the coast. Or you can also walk along the ocean. The second option is a bit more dangerous and slower as the path sometimes is very narrow and tricky to navigate through the coastal rocks.

However, the coastline is very beautiful and unique! When you arrive at the location of the Bee cave there won’t be anything special and the cave will not be visible from the shore. Make sure you pre-download the map and follow it as you walk along the coast.

The location of the Bee cave is here, however, you won’t see it from above. Instead, you have to climb down the cliff and follow a small path to get there.

Bee cave in Fuerteventura
The ceiling of the Bee cave

Step 3. Access the Bee cave. When you arrive at the location of the Bee cave you need to find a small path that leads down the cliff. If you open Google Maps and switch to satellite view, then you can see that around here on the map starts a small path that goes around the coastal cliff.

The path is quite small and sandy, so you have to be careful. If you follow the path around the corner of the cliff you will walk right inside the Bee cave (see the photo above how it looks when you approach it!). Although we did not explore it, there might be a path from the other side of the cave as well!

When you are in the cave, you will notice that the ceiling of it is actually an overhanging coastal cliff (the same one you were just walking on!) and the most curious part of the cave is definitely the texture of the ceiling.

The sandstone rocks in the ceiling are in orange-ish, and yellow-ish colors and have interesting holes in them. It looks like honey cells except there is no honey, haha! The bottom of the cave is sand. It is quite wide and comfortable.

When to go to the Bee cave?

The Bee cave is located above the level of the ocean so it doesn’t really matter if you go there during low tide or high tide. However, access to the cave is by a narrow path along the coastal cliff and the path is quite unstable.

I do not recommend going there when the weather is bad (rain or strong wind) or the waves are very big. Remember that this area is quite remote and not easy to access. There is also poor network coverage. A nice sunny day will be the best option to visit this spot!

Did you know about these bee-cell rock formations?

Bee cave in Fuerteventura
Bee cell rock formations

The bee cave is not the only unique spot in this area. If you have time, I really recommend visiting another place on the coast that is full of bee cell rock formations (picture above). It is much safer to access than the Bee cave but looks equally incredible! It is located only about 100 meters from the Bee cave.

When you come back up on the coastal cliff from visiting the Bee cave, head along the cliffside back to the Playa del Garcey. The bee cell rock formations are located here however you will have to walk a little bit further to find a path down to the lower coast.

This is another spot where the coastal cliff is overhanging above the lower level of the coast. The bee cell rock formations really remind me of honey cells. I have never seen something like this anywhere else! The coastline in Fuerteventura is truly beautiful! I really hope you get to visit this place!

Location: Playa de Garcey · Bee cave · Bee cell rock formations

Happy exploring!

Fuerteventura has some beautiful diversity around the coast and inland. There are not only beautiful and unique beaches all over the island but also cool caves and some crazy rock formations.

Always remember to be respectful to nature! If you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


How to find the Bee cave in Fuerteventura
How to find the Bee cave in Fuerteventura

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  1. Discovering the hidden Bee Cave in Fuerteventura is all about exploring the rugged landscape and following local tips to uncover this fascinating natural wonder!

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