Arco de las Penitas - Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

21 best Instagram photo spots in Fuerteventura, Spain

Every time we go on a vacation or an adventure abroad we wish to see something unique, something exciting, and do something we have never done before! And having some amazing photos to show your family and friends, or just keep as a reminder for yourself is a must! Here are 21 amazing Instagram spots or really just really cool photo places in Fuerteventura!

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1. Popcorn beach or Playa El Mejillón

Popcorn beach - Instagram spots in Fuerteventura
Popcorn beach Furteventura

Have you seen a beach full of popcorn? That sounds more like a fantasy rather than a reality, haha! But it is definitely real in Fuerteventura! Playa El Mejillón or Popcorn beach is probably one of the most famous Instagram spots in Fuerteventura!

This beach is full of marine algae called rhodoliths that look almost exactly like popcorn. It has been washed ashore and all the beach is covered with small, white ‘popcorn’ pieces. Please remember that it is forbidden to take rhodoliths with you – their home is at the beach!

Location: Popcorn beach

2. Water lagoons at Sotavento beach

Playa de Sotavento Fuerteventura
Playa de Sotavento Furteventura

Sotavento beach is one of those picture-perfect beaches you are dreaming about! During low tide, it looks like a white-sand desert – an incredible emptiness around you as far as you can see.

However, it comes alive during high tide – when the water comes in, the area turns into water lagoons with these beautiful and picture-friendly sand strips that stay above the shallow water.

It looks like a tropical beach – the perfect Instagram photo spot here in Fuerteventura! Read more about the unique beaches in Fuerteventura HERE!

Location: Playa de Sotavento

3. The desert of Fuerteventura – Corralejo sand dunes

Corralejo sand dunes Fuerteventura

Corralejo sand dunes are one of the most unique places in Fuerteventura and an amazing Instagram photo spot as well! It is a 10-kilometer long and 2.5-kilometer wide area of white sand dunes – great for some nice photos or just having a picnic.

On the other side of the road, you will find Grandes Playas de Corralejo beaches. There are 9 kilometers of beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water to enjoy! Exploring this area is a must in Fuerteventura, if you are looking for those I-am-(almost)-on-a-tropical-island photos, haha!

Location: Dunas de Corralejo · Grandes Playas de Corralejo

4. Bee cave and honey cell rock formations

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura  - Playa de Garcey Furteventura
Rock formations in Fuerteventura

One of the most unique places and some of the most interesting rock formations in Fuerteventura are the Bee Cave and honey cell rock formations near Playa de Garcey beach. You can get some very unique Instagram photos here!

There is a whole area full of uniquely perforated yellowish sandstone rock formations that look like honey cells in a beehive. This area is quite remote and secret which makes it even more intriguing. Read more about unique rock formations in Fuerteventura HERE!

Location: Playa de Garcey · Bee cave · Honey cell rocks

5. Arco de las Peñitas

Arco de las Penitas - Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

Arco de las Peñitas has to be one of the best Instagram spots in Fuerteventura and rightly so! Although the climb up there is steep at some places and getting there takes about 25-30 minutes, this is a must-see place!

Arco de las Peñitas is not an official tourist attraction, there will be no signposts or information boards around there, but it has become one of the most visited places on the island. Read more about how to get there in my blog post HERE or simply see the links below for exact locations!

Location: Parking place · Arco de las Peñitas

6. Crocodile Rock

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura - Crocodile rock

If you are truly on the hunt for some cool Instagram spots in Fuerteventura, then you have to visit Crocodile Rock. It is located about 300 meters north of Playa de las Hermosas.

Crocodile Rock is a unique rock formation that looks like a crocodile with an open mouth. The best way to get there is to drive to the beach, park your car at the beach, and walk along the coast to the rock. It will only take you a couple of minutes to reach it.

Location: Crocodile Rock · Parking at the beach

7. Sandstone columns in Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura - Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento
La Columna de Jandia
Instagram spots in Fuerteventura - Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento
La Grieta de Jandia

I found Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento to be one of the most unique and secret places in Fuerteventura! It is one of the remotest spots on the island and therefore very few people ever go there.

There were also two lovely spots with sandstone columns that I found to be really unique – just random spots you won’t even find on Google Maps, but turned out to be quite popular on my Instagram!

The first one I would call La Columna de Jandia and the second one I call – La Grieta de Jandia. They are located about 200 meters from each other so it is possible to visit both of these spots.

Just be informed, that the coastline is quite fragile – we saw many sand slides, the sandstone is not really resistant and tough, so some places may break or slide if you put too much pressure there. Be mindful! Read more about this place in my blog post HERE!

Location: Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento · La Columna de Jandia · La Grieta de Jandia

8. Sand dunes at Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura -Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento

If you decide to spend the day and visit Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento, then you might as well explore it to the fullest! Many people don’t know that Corralejo sand dunes are not the only dunes in Fuerteventura.

Located exactly around the area where Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento is located on Google Maps you will find the second sand dune area in Fuerteventura – Sand dunes of Jandia. The picture above with me walking down the sand dune mountain was taken here.

All in all, we absolutely loved this secret area of Fuerteventura. We met only one person there and I believe it will remain super remote unless they build a proper road there. These sand dunes are the perfect spot for a great Instagram photo from your Fuerteventura trip!

Location: Istmo de Jandia en Barlovento · Sand dunes of Jandia

9. Barranco de los Enamorados or Barranco de los Encantados

Barranco de los Enamorados
Adventures in Fuerteventura

Barranco de los Enamorados or also called as Barranco de los Encantados is an easy hike in the heart of Fuerteventura. It happens to be also one of the best Instagram spots in Fuerteventura, haha!

Because of its unique rock formations, this hike is probably the most famous hike in Fuerteventura! On this trail, you will discover beautiful millions and millions of years old fossilized sand dunes in crazy shapes.

The trail is about 3 kilometers in one way and, so 6 kilometers in total. The most beautiful shapes and formations are located later in the trail, not at the beginning. There are also multiple side ravines to explore.

Location: My photo location · Parking and the start of the trail

10. Barranco de Cho Cruz

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

Barranco de Cho Cruz is something similar you will see at Barranco de los Enamorados, however, this one is more unknown and more secret.

If Barranco de los Enamorados is a hike where you are guaranteed a lot of company along the way because of its’ popularity, then Barranco de Cho Cruz is a great option to hike into the wilderness with almost no people (and no cell service!) around you.

Barranco de Cho Cruz also offers many narrow side ravines with crazy rock formations to take pictures in and explore. Read more about it HERE!

Location: Barranco de Cho Cruz · Photo location

11. Rock with a circular hole

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

One of the most unique places and best Instagram spots in Fuerteventura has to be this Rock with a circular hole near La Pared town.

It is almost the perfect circle-shaped hole in the cliff next to the ocean – so perfect that it almost looks like it is man-made, haha! It is definitely big enough to sit inside it and has a great view of the ocean and the coastline. Read more about it HERE!

Location: Rock with a circular hole · Parking at La Pared beach

12. Sea caves at Playa de la Solapa

Playa de la Solapa - Instagram spots in Fuerteventura
Reflection cave
Playa de la Solapa Furteventura
Cueva Grande

Playa de la Solapa is my favorite place to explore sea caves in Fuerteventura and sea caves are really cool Instagram spots! The biggest and most interesting sea caves are located about 250 meters from the beach to the south.

First will be what I call a Reflection cave (there is a small puddle of water inside, where you can play with your own reflection), then 20-30 meters further will be the biggest and my favorite sea cave in Fuerteventura. Read more about caves in Fuerteventura HERE!

Location: Playa de la Solapa · Reflection cave · Cueva Grande de la Solapa

13. Rock formations at Playa de la Solapa

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura  - Playa de la Solapa
Rock formations in Fuerteventura - Playa de la Solapa

If you visit Solapa beach for the sea caves, you might as well make some great Instagram photos at the beach itself! There are huge rock boulders at the beach (on the south side), where you can create some epic photos!

Make sure to go there during low tide! Fun fact! Solapa beach was one of the locations for Marvel Studios’ Eternals movie. Yes, Angelina Jolie was there! The black sand, the huge boulders…incredible!

Location: Rock formations · Solapa beach · Parking at the beach

14. Cuevas de Ajuy

Ajuy caves in Fuerteventura

Ajuy caves are probably the most famous caves in Fuerteventura! They are an official tourist attraction and quite easy to get to, and access. If the wild Solapa beach is not your choice, then you can get some nice Instagram shots in Ajuy caves!

There are two gigantic caves right next to each other – they are connected and you can get from one cave to another through a hole in the connecting wall between the caves. Definitely explore them if you decide to visit!

Location: Cuevas de Ajuy · Ajuy parking lot

15. Arco del Jurado or Peña Horadada

Unique places in Fuerteventura

If you happen to visit the famous Ajuy caves, then this Arco del Jurado arch is a spot you can easily include in your trip!

Arco del Jurado, also known as Peña Horadada is a huge natural arch that rather looks like a giant hole inside a cliff next to the ocean.

To visit this unique place you can either drive a car on a bumpy gravel road to the very beach of Arco del Jurado or you can walk here on foot from the Ajuy village.

You have to walk in this direction from the village to visit the Ajuy caves. This arch is only 1 kilometer further along the coast!

Location: Arco del Jurado · Parking at the beach

16. Cofete beach – Roque del Moro and the Striped wall

Roque del Moro rock formation in Fuerteventura
Roque del Moro
Rock formations in Fuerteventura
Striped wall

Roque del Moro is a huge monolith rock in the ocean at the famous Playa de Cofete beach. What makes it even more special is that the area is super remote, there are hardly any people there.

If you love some hiking, mountain views, and ocean views, as well as beautiful nature and rock formations then you have to visit this place.

Just a couple of hundred meters before you reach Roque del Moro you will find the Striped wall – linear sandstone rock formations pictured above. Aren’t these places really cool Instagram spots?

Location: Roque del Moro · Striped wall · Parking places uphill

17. Cofete beach – El Islote islet

Playa de Cofete - Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

Cofete Beach is one of the remotest and most beautiful places in Fuerteventura! It is a 14-kilometer-long sandy beach with beautiful mountains on one side and an endless blue ocean on the other side.

One of the interesting spots along the beach (excluding Roque del Moro and the Striped Wall) is the El Islote islet.

It is a tiny and elevated island-like formation at the beach. It is quite a walk from parking places to the islet, but you will get really amazing views over the beach, the coastline, and the mountains. If you climb on the islet, you can get a great photo just like the one above – you don’t even need a drone!

Location: El Islote · Cofete beach · Parking at the beach

18. Sea caves at Playa de los Ojos

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura Playa de los Ojos cave
Playa de los Ojos Furteventura

Along with your Cofete beach trip to the southernmost part of Fuerteventura, you can visit Playa de los Ojos as well! It is one of the remotest beaches in Fuerteventura!

What makes this beach unique is that there are two sea caves – a bigger one located HERE where you can get during low tide and a smaller one HERE that is accessible more or less all the time because it is located at the beach.

Location: Playa de los Ojos · Cueva de Playa de los Ojos · Beach cave

19. Arco de Gran Valle

Rock formations in Fuerteventura - arch

If you happen to visit the famous Faro de la Entallada lighthouse then you might be interested in including this sea arch in your trip itinerary!

There is nothing too breathtaking or extraordinary about it but it definitely looks really cool and is a great spot to visit!

To get there you have to drive a gravel road from the direction of Tequital town to Playa de Gran Valle beach. You can leave your car right before the beach. It is a very remote area with no cell service!

Location: Arco de Gran Valle · Playa de Gran Valle

20. Astronomical viewpoint of Sicasumbre

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura
Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

One of the best viewpoints with some of the best views in Fuerteventura is the Astronomical viewpoint of Sicasumbre! On a clear day, you will see kilometers and kilometers of the unique and desert-like landscape of Fuerteventura.

Because it is in yellowish and orangeish colors, many come here during the sunset. The sun colors the hills and the landscape in golden light and the view could not be more breathtaking. I have seen those photos!

We had a cloudy day, however, I enjoyed it very much! This is the Instagram spot in Fuerteventura, where you can get THAT photo with the ‘Fuerteventura’ sign – to show your social media family where you are!

Location: Astronomical viewpoint Sicasumbre · Parking places

21. Traditional windmills at Tefia and Villaverde

Instagram spots in Fuerteventura
Windmill of Tefia
Instagram places in Fuerteventura
Windmill of Villaverde

Traditional windmills in Fuerteventura make the best Instagram photo spots around there! They are something typical and local, and something that is not seen too often nowadays!

That makes them more interesting and intriguing! You will see multiple windmills around the island however the best and most picture-friendly are those in Villaverde (there are two of them on a small hill!) and in Tefia!

Location: Tefia windmill · Villaverde windmills

Happy exploring!

Fuerteventura is definitely famous for its beaches and surfing possibilities, but there is more to this beautiful island. At first, I was a bit unsure of what to see here, but as I dug deeper, I found that the secret spots and seemingly unknown places make this island so beautiful and full of interesting gems!

I hope you get some inspiration for your trip and make some amazing photos for your Instagram photo album! If you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


Best Instagram spots in Fuerteventura
Best Instagram spots in Fuerteventura

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