Agioi Saranta cave church Cyprus

10 most unique churches in Cyprus

There are many churches and chapels in Cyprus! Bigger and smaller, older and more modern. The smaller ones are scattered around the island and almost all of them are open to the public all year round.

You will find them in the mountains, into cliffs or cliffsides, at the beach, on the top of hills, under rocks, and in many other places.

We visited a lot of them, so here are the most unique churches in Cyprus in my opinion! Tell me in the comments which church in Cyprus is your favorite!

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1. Agioi Saranta Cave Church

Agioi Saranta cave church Cyprus
Hill of Agioi Saranta Cave Church

Unlike anything we saw in Cyprus, this unique church is built inside a cave in a cliff. It is quite easily accessible – you can drive a car and park it just right next to the cliff.

There goes a short staircase leading up the cliff to the church. Just like any little church in Cyprus, this is also open to anyone.

If you go inside, you will see a couple of chairs, an altar, and some altarpieces, as well as a hole in the ceiling, that forms a little tower.

You can see the tower from afar (picture on the right). The road to the church is unpaved tho, but on a good day, it won’t be a problem for any car. Isn’t this little church quite something?

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: just park your car next to the cliff

2. Sunken St.Nicholas Church in Kouris Dam

Sunken church in Kouris dam Cyprus

Cyprus relies on water dams and reservoirs to provide the country with water supplies. But it sometimes comes with a cost.

Kouris Dam is the largest dam in Cyprus and this St.Nicholas Church has suffered for it – this sunken church was part of a village that was abandoned due to the building of the dam.

The view of the church depends on the water levels, and sometimes all you can see is the bell tower hanging over the water. However, the spring of 2021 was mostly dry and we got to see the whole building!

It is an interesting sight for sure! Before coming, make sure you are navigating to the right side of the dam because the dam is quite long and you want to arrive on the right side of it!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you can drive your car up to the shore of the dam, next to the church, and park there!

3. Ayia Thekla Chapel and Cave Church

Ayia Thekla Chapel and Cave Church
Ayia Thekla Chapel and Cave Church

This blue and white chapel is a popular place for wedding celebrations. The chapel is located at the seaside and forms a perfect picture – a white and blue church on a deep blue sea background.

What is even more interesting, is the cave next to the church. Located just 100 meters from the chapel and accessible by walking down the stairs in the direction of the beach, is a small entrance to a cave with a cross above.

Inside it looks like another chapel with an altar and altarpieces, but much smaller. If you happen to be in this area, visit this place! It is very easily accessible and a nice place for relaxed sightseeing.

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: drive your car up to the chapel, there is a big parking lot next to it!

4. Panayia Sto Throni Church at Throni Hill (1450m)

Panayia Sto Throni Church at Throni hill (1450m)
Throni Hill Troodos mountains

Panayia Sto church is definitely one of the highest-located churches in Cyprus. It sits on the Throni hill at 1450 meters above sea level in the heart of the Troodos mountains.

It is a part of the building complex dedicated to Archbishop Makarios III. As you drive up the hill, you will park a car just before a huge statue of Makarios III. Then you will see a paved road going in two directions around the mountain. If you follow the route, either way, you will be able to access the top of the hill.

On one side there will be the church at the end of a red brick path, but on the other side, there will be the site of the tomb of Archbishop Makarios III.

Definitely one of the most impressive sights with amazing views over the Troodos mountains. You are lucky if you happen to be here during the sunset. However, beware that during the winter months access to this area of Troodos mountains could be restricted due to snow and harsh weather.

Location: Throni ChurchParking lot

5. Trooditissa Church Under Rock

Trooditissa Church Under Rock
Trooditissa Church Under Rock

Trooditissa church is definitely one of the smallest churches in Cyprus and definitely the smallest I have been in! Located on a hillside near the Trooditissa monastery, it is well hidden from the eyes of regular tourists.

We did not know of its existence and stumbled upon it quite accidentally. We were driving the road and noticed an old staircase leading up the hill next to the road and decided to park a car and go explore.

After a steep climb uphill and a narrow path through the trees, we found ourselves at this tiny church sitting under a huge rock. It is very difficult to enter without bending over, as it is quite small. Besides, the rock forms the ceiling of the church and hangs inside the church, so no straight standing here!

It is only a couple of square meters wide and is built with stones and rocks – something typical for churches in the mountains. There is a very nice view from the church to the Troodos mountains. Go visit it, if you drive by!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: OPEN MAP!

6. Ayioi Anargyroi Seaside Chapel and Cave

Ayioi Anargyroi Seaside Chapel and Cave

This blue and white church is something we only saw at the seaside in Cyprus, as churches in the mountains were built with rocks and stones. It actually fits the location with a white and blue contrast against the sea.

What is more interesting, is that there is a big cave behind the church! At the cliffside, you will find stairs leading down the cliff to the sea. On a good day, you can climb inside the cave – it is quite big!

It could be difficult during harsher weather, as the waves come crashing down the rocks and would probably fill the cave with water. This church is very easily accessible as there is a paved parking lot next to it, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit this place!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: park at the church, there is a parking lot!

7. Church of the Holy Cross in Troodos Mountains

Church of the Holy Cross in Troodos Mountains

Located in the heart of the Troodos mountains next to Pedoulas village, this modern church will catch your eye if you happen to drive by the area. Well, maybe not the church itself, but the huge 25-meter cross standing next to it!

The cross is illuminated during the night, driving even more attention to it! The church is sitting on a small hill, where you can see everything as far as the eyes can see! This is a great place to relax after driving on mountain roads (which can be demanding and stressful!).

There is a small plateau on top, so you can walk around and enjoy it. If you happen to be in the area, don’t be afraid to drive up to the church! There is plenty of space and you will not regret it!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you can drive and park your car up the hill next to the church!

8. Church of Profitis Elias on a Hill

Church of Profitis Elias on a Hill

I am a huge fan of observing things and places from above – it gives you a whole new perspective. This church is a great opportunity for that. Located on a hill in Protaras, this church is the perfect place to overlook the city, the sea, and beyond.

Beware that getting to the church means climbing 156 steps uphill, but it is worth the effort! The views are great both on good days as well as rainy days. Besides you can park a car right at the beginning of the stairs to pay a very quick visit.

Location: Church of Profitis EliasParking lot

9. St.Nicholas Beachside Church

White church by the sea in Cyprus

Although this is just another blue and white church, I like to highlight them, because there are just a few of them in Cyprus! And most of them are concentrated in the South East area – Ayia Napa and Famagusta districts.

This particular church can be enjoyed while swimming or bathing at the sea, as there is a nice beach next to it. If you want to catch a good photo as a memory from Cyprus, you can do it with this church as a background.

Parking could prove to be a problem, as only streets are available nearby. But if you arrive early or during the off-season, then it won’t be a problem at all.

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you cannot park the car next to the church, so try parking it along the streets before that!

10. Church Of All Saints Near Stavrovouni Monastery

Church Of All Saints Near Stavrovouni Monastery
Church Of All Saints Near Stavrovouni Monastery

Maybe not the church itself, but its surrounding area is definitely a unique place. Church of All Saints sits on a 750-meter hill at the foot of the oldest monastery in Cyprus – Stavrovouni Monastery.

Although the entrance to the monastery at the top of the hill is open to men only (appropriately dressed!), the church is open to all. There is a parking lot next to the church with several benches to sit on and admire the fabulous views.

You can easily see the nearest cities – Larnaca and Limassol – as well as the sea. It is an amazing spot to watch the sunset, hike (there is a trail leading up the hill), or relax.

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: drive up the hill and park your car next to the church!

Happy exploring!

Although the majority of the religious places in Cyprus are of the Greek Orthodox Church, the buildings of churches and chapels around the island could not be more different.

Modern and old, bigger and small with different shapes, located in different places, and built with different building materials.

There are definitely some more unique ones! By the way, if you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


10 most unique churches Cyprus
10 most unique churches Cyprus

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