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7 most unique rock formations in Cyprus

Cyprus island rose from the depths of the sea when African and European tectonic plates collided. This rocky island has seen a lot during the ages!

Besides harsh weather and waves from the sea have together created some incredibly beautiful places. If you go to Cyprus, don’t forget to include some of these rock formations on your Cyprus bucket list!

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1. Love bridge in Ayia Napa

Love Bridge Cyprus

Love Bridge in the Ayia Napa region is, probably, the most famous rock formation in Cyprus! The arch is about 6 meters long and very easily accessible.

It is also beautiful at any time of the day, so no planning ahead is needed. There are more sea caves around the same place, so take your time and enjoy!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: OPEN MAP!

2. Aphrodite’s Rock / Petra tou Romiou

Aphrodites Rock Cyprus

Aphrodite’s rock also called ‘Petra tou Romiou’ – the latter will be the name you will see on the road signs – is a popular tourist place at any time of the year.

It is a group of huge rocks close to the beach in the Paphos district. Although quite steep, you can actually climb the biggest of the rocks.

The beach itself is rather different than others because of the pebbles. No need to buy anything – you can pick a nice souvenir yourself from a special place in Cyprus!

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3. Sea caves and rock formations in Ayia Napa

Sea Caves Cape Greco Cyprus
Sea Caves Cape Greco

Located just 5 kilometers from the Love Bridge, sea caves in the Ayia Napa region are one of the most photographed places in Cyprus.

There are sea caves high on the cliff, that you can actually climb inside with dry clothes and get some nice pictures as above! This hole in the cliff is one of the most famous holes on the island, for sure!

Come here during the sunset and it will probably be very crowded. If you want to get some alone time in the hole, then the best time to come would be earlier in the morning and during the workweek.

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you can park a car down at the beach or next to the road uphill

4. Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge Cyprus

Avakas Gorge is an adventurer’s paradise! It is a trail that goes along the riverbed through a narrow and deep gorge.

The river has created some beautiful rock formations that are located at the beginning of the trail (the trail is about 4 kilometers long), so even kids could reach this place (we saw a couple when walking the trail).

These rock formations are only at the beginning of the trail, so if you came for them, then this is the place to turn around and go back, as the rest of the trail through the riverbed is quite demanding. This is definitely a must-see place in Cyprus!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you can park a car at the start of the trail, there is a parking lot, or leave it at the beach parking

5. Impressive rock formations in Prestos beach

Prestos beach sea caves Cyprus
Prestos beach Cyprus

The coastline near Prestos beach is somewhat of another planet! Impressive rock formations are all over the coastline – Aiva arches, Aras fingers, Moria bridge.

This is a less popular place for tourists, so it could be an answer for you if you long for some alone time or a romantic sunset.

There is a steep climb down to the beach, but then it is all set – climb the rocks and explore! It felt as if we were on another planet for sure!

Location: Prestos BeachParking lot

6. The Rock of Chasamboulia

Rock Chasamboulia Cyprus

This is a small paradise for rock climbers! A huge rock, that is split in half with one of the parts on each side of the road. Plus there is a secret opening behind the biggest part of the rock, that many rock climbers are using for training and having fun.

Some of the climbers climb the side, which is closer to the road, thus you can watch them trying to make it to the top!

The smaller part of the rock leads down to the river and also has some attractive rock climbing opportunities. If you are a rock climber, definitely come here to enjoy! If you are passing by, definitely stop for a while and enjoy the sight!

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: just park at the side of the road

7. Rock formations and sea caves in Peyia

Sea Caves Peyia Cyprus

Peyia sea caves are a whole coastline area to explore! Full of interesting rock formations and sea caves, it is a popular place for snorkeling as well as relaxing at the seaside – having a picnic, reading, or watching the sunset.

This is an easily accessible place, where you can actually drive your car and park it at the front of the beach. Of course, there is another attraction to observe at this place – the Edro III shipwreck.

Location: OPEN MAP!
Parking: you can park at the beach

Happy exploring!

Rock formations in Cyprus are an amazing list of places to add to your bucket list when going to the island. Nature has some talent for sure! Even for city life lovers some of these places are a must-see. By the way, if you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


7 incredible rock formations in Cyprus
7 incredible rock formations in Cyprus

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