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15 most unique places in Cyprus

One of the reasons we love to travel is to see something we haven’t seen before, so I always tend to search for unique, amazing, or must-see places in the destination I am going to go.

We spent about 3 months in Cyprus, visiting some amazing spots on the island so here are the top 15 most unique places in Cyprus – something that we hadn’t seen before.

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1. Mitsero Red Lake

Mitsero Red lake in Cyprus

This is a very unusual place located in the middle of the island near Mitsero village. Beware that the water is toxic due to high acidity levels (no animals live there), so I would not suggest going too close to it. But you can easily park your car next to the lake and walk around.

Location: OPEN MAP!

2. Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge Cyprus

This is definitely one of the most unique places in Cyprus and a must-see when visiting the island. It is a unique hike following a riverbed.

Although it is a couple of kilometers long and can be quite demanding, the most narrow and picturesque part is at the beginning of the trail, so you can turn around any time you feel you’ve had enough.

Beware that on very rainy days this adventure could be dangerous, however, a few raindrops won’t hurt you.

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3. Tombs of the Kings in Paphos

Tombs of the Kings in Paphos

The Tombs of the Kings is a former necropolis in Paphos city, that was built underground by carving the tombs out of solid rock for rich people who wanted a nicer resting place after death. Today you can walk around the area and explore underground tombs like Lara Croft.

There is an entrance fee of 2.50 EUR. Be sure to collect a map at the entrance, so you know where to walk to experience the big tombs, which are the most unique. You can find the opening hours and other information on the ‘Visit Cyprus’ website HERE.

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4. Sunken St.Nicholas Church in Kouris Dam

Sunken church in Kouris dam Cyprus

There are many water dams in Cyprus built for collecting rainwater and providing the island with water during the year. There are no big rivers or natural lakes to help in this matter, so building dams is the option, however, it comes with a price.

Kouris Dam is the largest dam in Cyprus and this sunken church was part of a village that was abandoned due to the construction.

The view of the church depends on the water levels, and sometimes all you can see is the bell tower hanging over the waterline, which is a unique and interesting sight for sure. However, the spring of 2021 was quite dry and we got to see the whole building (or what is left of it!).

Location: OPEN MAP!

5. Love bridge in Ayia Napa

Love Bridge Cyprus

Love Bridge is definitely one of the most photographed places and one of the most famous rock formations in Cyprus. It is very easily accessible, you can park a car right at the seaside and walk on the arch without any problems.

Location: OPEN MAP!

6. Prestos beach with unique rock formations

Prestos beach Cyprus
Prestos beach sea caves Cyprus

How often do you get a feeling that you are walking on another planet? This is how I felt at Prestos Beach. Impressive rock formations are all over the coastline – Aiva arches, Aras fingers, and Moria bridge.

There is a steep climb down to the beach, but it is worth the effort – just follow the coastline and explore the amazing sights! There is a paved parking lot just right uphill from Prestos Beach at the end of the street.

Location: OPEN MAP!

7. Edro III shipwreck

Sea Caves Peyia Cyprus

Not every day do you get to see a shipwreck up close unless you are a sailor or work at ports. Although it is not allowed to go inside the ship, it is so close to the shore, that you can see everything.

This place is very easily accessible, as you can park your car next to the beach. The whole seaside next to the shipwreck is full of sea caves, so you can spend some time exploring both.

Location: OPEN MAP!

8. Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa

Nissi beach in Ayia Napa Cyprus

When you arrive in Cyprus, you will find out very soon that big sandy beaches are not a thing in Cyprus. Most of the time there are rocks, pebbles, and some dark or grey sand beaches.

This is why Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa is so unique – the sand is white and the water is so clear, that it is irresistible to go for a swim there. Of course, the beach is extremely popular, but you can go there early in the morning to enjoy some quiet time.

There is a small island just next to the shore, that you can easily reach on foot. Almost always the island is separated by water from the shore, but it is not that deep.

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9. Agioi Saranta Cave Church

Agioi Saranta cave church Cyprus

This unique church is built inside a cave in a cliff and is definitely the most unique of the churches in Cyprus. There is a parking lot next to the cliff and a small staircase leading uphill to the church.

The doors are open, so you can go inside and explore the cave. It also has an opening in the ceiling (to the top of the cliff) and a small tower built above it. The road to the church is unpaved, but on a good day – easily drivable by almost any car.

Location: OPEN MAP!

10. Millomeris waterfall in Troodos mountains

Waterfalls in Cyprus - Millomeris Waterfall
Millomeris Waterfall

Millomeris waterfall is located in between mountains and has a mystical atmosphere around it, especially if you happen to go early and you are the only visitor (it can get busy later in the day).

Access to the waterfall is easy – you can park a car at the end of the road and then follow a path and a staircase that leads between the cliffs to the hidden waterfall.

Location: OPEN MAP!

11. Aphrodite’s Rock / Petra tou Romiou

Aphrodites Rock Cyprus
Aphrodite's Rock in Cyprus

This place has the looks and the story. The name of these beautiful rocks sitting in the sea near the coast comes from a legend that the goddess Aphrodite was born here and came out of the sea.

So nowadays people are inspired by this story and come visit this unique place. You can actually climb the biggest rock! There is a parking lot next to it as well as a wide pebble beach for everyone to enjoy!

Location: OPEN MAP!

12. Unique sea caves in Ayia Napa

Sea Caves Cape Greco Ayia Napa Cyprus

Located just 5 kilometers from the Love Bridge, these sea caves in the Ayia Napa region are one of the most photographed places in Cyprus. In this special hole, you can actually climb inside and get some nice photos as a keepsake from Cyprus. You can park a car down at the beach or next to the road uphill.

Location: OPEN MAP!

13. Panayia Sto Throni Church at Throni Hill (1450m)

Panayia Sto Throni Church at Throni hill (1450m)
Throni Hill Troodos mountains

This special place is the Throni Hill at 1450 meters above sea level located at the heart of the Troodos mountains. On the top of the hill, there is a building complex dedicated to Archbishop Makarios III including a church, a statue, a mausoleum, and unforgettable views over the Troodos mountains.

This place is located near Kykkos monastery – the biggest in Cyprus. This is a great place for sunset or overlooking the mountains. Drive your car to the top of the hill – there is a parking lot next to the huge statue of Archbishop Makarios III.

Location: OPEN MAP!

14. Surroundings of Mount Olympus (1952m)

Artemis trail Cyprus
Atalanti Nature trail Cyprus

Mount Olympus at 1952 meters is the highest mountain in Cyprus and it is probably the best area for hiking with amazing views over the mountaintops and the island.

The area is also known for its nature – almost millennial old trees are some examples. During winter there might be snow on Mount Olympus and sometimes it is possible to do some skiing as well. This makes the place even more unique!

15. Cape Aspro Trail in Pissouri

Cape Aspro Trail Cyprus

These rugged and bright cliffs are a perfect spot for a picnic in the sunset or an unforgettable hike during the day. This beachside trail leaves from Pissouri Beach and goes along the cliffside to Cape Aspro and then uphill the cliff.

The views are incredible and something very unusual for the typical Cyprus coastline. You can follow the trail as far as you like along the coast and then track back the same way. You can park your car right at the start of the trail – there is an unpaved area for that.

Trail start location: OPEN MAP!

Happy exploring!

This is the list of places that I thought were unique. Which places would you add to this list? If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, I would definitely suggest you visit some of these places if not all of them.

There is always something special and unique about each and every country and place, and seeing something for the first time is quite special, and usually, those are the best memories and stories we take home from a trip!


15 most unique places in Cyprus
15 most unique places in Cyprus

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