Lanzarote bucket list

Ultimate bucket list: best 29 things to do and see in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a relatively small island – you only need about one hour to drive a car from one end of the island to the other. With that said, everything is located quite close and to see basically everything you need not more than a week.

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If you truly wish to see everything, then here is my ultimate bucket list for Lanzarote which I have divided into three parts – the North, Central part, and South part of Lanzarote.

Bucket list of Lanzarote
Mirador del Río viewpoint

Bucket list: North Lanzarote

The North part of Lanzarote is the richest part where you will find the most tourist attractions.

The main must-see places include Jameos del Agua, Famara cliffs, Río viewpoint, Cueva de los Verdes cave, and a port city Órzola where you will find a ferry that goes to La Graciosa island multiple times a day.

If you have a day to spare, you should consider going to La Graciosa – the smallest of the Canary Islands with only 700 inhabitants. What to do in the North:

  1. Admire amazing views at Mirador del Río viewpoint >>tickets!
  2. Take a tour in Cueva de los Verdes underground lava tube >>tickets!
  3. Admire Jameos del Agua oasis and white crabs in lava tube >>tickets!
  4. Get blown by the wind at Playa de Famara beach
  5. Drive up to Risco de Famara viewpoint and…
  6. …find Cueva de los Suecos cave
  7. Visit the abandoned Red quarry in Tinamala Mountain
  8. Find the Montaña Cabrera cave in a volcano
  9. Take a look at La Rofera rocks
  10. Make a stop at Cueva Paloma sea cave
  11. Take a walk through The Cactus Garden >>tickets!
  12. Go to Órzola town to visit Cueva de Órzola sea cave at low tide and…
  13. Take a ferry to La Graciosa island, if you have time to spare!

Bucket list of Lanzarote
Road LZ-67 going through Timanfaya National Park

Bucket list: Central Lanzarote

The central part of Lanzarote is all about the volcanos – this is the part where you will witness the consequences of quite recent volcanic activity that hit the island during the 18th century.

The main protagonist here is the Timanfaya National Park – a protected area with volcanos and apocalyptic landscapes.

The ground is still hot just a few meters below the surface. You should definitely do a hike here and visit a ‘bodega’ to try some local volcanic wine!

14. Take an Instagram photo in ‘Las Grietas‘ volcanic crevices
15. Explore ‘La Geria‘ volcanic wine fields & try some wine in a ‘bodega’
16. Hike around and inside the landmark volcano ‘El Cuervo
17. Make a stop at the old capital of Lanzarote – Teguise
18. Hike to the top of the impressive Caldera Blanca volcano crater
19. Take a tour around the Fire mountains >>tickets!
20. Drive LZ-67 road through the apocalypse in Timanfaya National Park
21. Hike around the Montaña Colorada and visit the gigantic volcanic bomb
22. Visit the leaning palm tree – the most famous palm tree in Lanzarote
23. Stop at the airplane landing spot for a photo below a landing aircraft

Adventures in Lanzarote

Bucket list: South Lanzarote

The South part of Lanzarote is less busy with fewer volcanos. The biggest highlights around this area are the volcanic pools Los Charcones, the most famous attraction could be the Green Lake, but the most beautiful beach – Playa de Papagayo which could probably be the most beautiful and picturesque beach on the whole island!

24. Visit the unique Green Lake
25. Take a walk around Los Hervideros during high tide
26. Visit Salinas de Janubio salt lagoons during the sunset
27. Explore the coastline of ‘Los Charcones‘, take a swim in the volcanic pools
28. Spend time at Playa del Papagayo, Playa Mujeres, walk to Cueva de Agua during low tide
29. Watch the sunset and have tapas at Balcón de Femés viewpoint

Instagram places in Lanzarote
Airplane landing spot in central Lanzarote

Although one would assume that the Canary Islands are all very similar, that is quite far from the truth. There are many similarities, but the landscapes and the vibes are completely different in each of the islands.

I hope you get to see what Lanzarote is really about and explore the island to the fullest! Let me know which were your favorite places on this island!


Ultimate bucket list of Lanzarote
Ultimate bucket list of Lanzarote

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