Zapatilla de la Reina rock formation in Tenerife

11 impressive rock formations in Tenerife that will surprise you

Tenerife is definitely a unique island. Although it was formed by volcanic eruptions there is a lot of natural diversity around the island.

Including some majestical and impressive rock formations, that might surprise you. If you ever happen to be in Tenerife, my wish for you is that you explore this beautiful island. There is so much to see!

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1. Rock formation in Masca village

Masca village

Masca village is one of the most special places in Tenerife. The village is located in a deep valley between steep cliffs. You can get there by descending a narrow hairpin-style road. The village itself only has approximately 90 inhabitants.

Basically, there is not much to do here except for some hiking trails, however, it is an extremely popular tourist attraction. The valley, the cliffs, and the rock next to the village. It all makes this place super special.

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2. Los Gigantes cliffs

Los Gigantes cliffs in Tenerife

Los Gigantes cliffs or giants are one of the most spectacular sights in Tenerife. This small corner of the island is only for observing and admiring. The cliffs are vertical giants that meet the ocean and reach even 500 to 800 meters above sea level. It is a mighty distance and the view is amazing.

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3. Zapatilla de la Reina rock formation

Zapatilla de la Reina rock formation in Tenerife

Zapatilla de la Reina or Queen’s Shoe is a beautiful rock formation in Teide National Park. It is one of those amazing lava formations that you can see around the island.

You can easily visit this place on your way to some of Teide’s lookouts or hiking trails in Teide National Park. It is also very close to the next rock formation – Roque Cinchado.

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4. Roque Cinchado

Roque Cinchado rock formations

Roque Cinchado is one of the most iconic spots and views in Tenerife. It was once on Spain’s money banknote. This gigantic rock was created when lava solidified in a lava tube and the outer part broke down as a result of erosion.

This part was more resistant to erosion and stayed as a rock pillar. Roque Cinchado is part of a group of rock formations called Roques García. Many tourists visit this place all year round.

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5. Arco de Tajao rock formation

Arco de Tajao rock formation

This natural arch is one of the most symbolic spots in Tenerife. If you search Tenerife photos on the internet, this arch will definitely pop up.

It is quite simple but unique at the same time. Not much to see around the area, however, if you are looking for that photo of Tenerife, this is one of the places to go!

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6. Lunar landscape or Paisaje Lunar rock formations

Paisaje Lunar in Tenerife  rock formations

How strange is it to see colorful and light rock formations on an island that was formed by volcanic eruptions? The lunar landscape is an area of strange light rock pillars. For some it somehow reminded of the Moon, so they named the area after it. Getting there will require a decent hike.

The classic route starts in a town called Vilaflor and a round trip will be 12 kilometers with some vertical meters as well. However, it is possible to drive a gravel road to get closer to it. There is practically no shade along the route. Be ready for some hot sun!

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7. Roque de Taborno

Roque de Taborno Tenerife

This beautiful rock is the so-called Matterhorn of Tenerife. Definitely not because of the height (it is only 700-something meters above sea level), but because of its shape.

Matterhorn might be too big of a challenge for most people, however, the hike around Roque de Taborno is definitely possible for most. It is a narrow path that starts in Taborno village and goes around Roque de Taborno.

There are mighty views along the way and untouched nature around you. Very easy and beautiful hike and it is only 3-4 kilometers long.

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8. Roque de las Animas

Roque de las Animas Tenerife

Roque de las Animas is one of the most emblematic elements in Northern Tenerife. It is located in Taganana town, but the best view of it will be if you go for a hike along the coast. We did the Taganana-Playa Tamadite hiking route and had many amazing photo spots along the way. It really stands out!

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9. Playa de Benijo rock formations

Roque de Benijo Tenerife

Playa Benijo is one of the most remote but definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife. It is a black sand beach with beautiful and sharp rock formations in the ocean near the coast.

People love to come here for the sunset or even take wedding photos, as we saw when visiting this place. If you have the chance – go there!

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10. Playa de los Roques rock formations

Playa de los Roques Tenerife

Playa de los Roques in El Toscal is definitely a wild beach with big stones and rocks. I would not go for a swim here (well – maybe on a really calm day!), however, I absolutely love natural arches and that is what you will find on this beach.

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11. Rock formations in Playa Amarilla

Playa Amarilla Tenerife rock formations
Playa Amarilla Tenerife rock formations

Although Tenerife was created by volcanic eruptions, it still has a lot of natural diversity. Have you seen anything like these rock formations in Playa Amarilla?

This beach is definitely one of the most unique beaches in Tenerife. The whole coastline consists of these yellowish and orange layers, little coves, holes, and even ‘balconies’ to sit on and sunbathe. You will have to see it to believe it!

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Happy exploring!

Tenerife has such natural diversity! High cliffs, sharp rocks, natural arches, pillars, lava tubes, and colorful layers – you can see it all in Tenerife.

Sometimes I wonder how did all of this come out of a volcano, but nature and time just do their thing and magic happens. If you can, please, leave a comment below if there are any significant changes to anything that is written in this blog post! Many thanks!


Rock formations in Tenerife
Rock formations in Tenerife

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